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    Your Riverside Pool Deck Specialists

    Stop! It’s time to explore resurfacing before removing your old pool deck

    It goes without saying that your pool was a major investment. The last thing you want is to see signs of cracks and fading. As Riverside’s top experts in pool decks and pool deck resurfacing, allow us to show you the options you have readily available when your pool deck starts to age.
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    How Does Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing Work?

    A cost-effective alternative to replacing your pool deck

    There are a vast number of options available to you when it comes to resurfacing an aging pool deck, and repairing cracks or any other damage is just the start. Depending on your budget and the look you want for your poolscape, we can deliver impressive Riverside pool deck resurfacing solutions like:
    • Stamped concrete overlays
    • Acrylic coatings
    • Pavers over concrete
    • Kooldek coatings are available
    Concrete overlay products are sprayed or trowel applied to the concrete surface to add texture, color, and can improve slip resistance. Many can be stenciled, or stamped, allowing the same freedoms in design as is possible with fresh concrete.
    Most of today’s concrete overlay products blend cement with polymer resins, sand, and other additives, improving aesthetic qualities, performance, and skid resistance. These products bond to existing concrete, and many systems are also greatly resistant to damage from UV exposure, extreme cold weather, pool chemicals, and abrasion. Some will even be formulated to dry incredibly quickly, giving your old, worn out pool deck an amazing, new lease on life in as little as a day.

    Our Riverside Pool Deck Services

    From crack repair to decorative acrylic coatings

    Ahead, we’ll guide you through the services we offer to transform your aging Riverside pool deck. No job, big or small, is beyond the reach of our expertly trained concrete resurfacing contractors.
    Pool Deck Resurfacing 1
    As time passes, it can be expected that the color and texture of your pool deck will start to fade. If you’ve started to notice your pool deck showing signs of its age, pool deck resurfacing in Riverside is a great cost-effective solution, offering a wide range of style and performance options to give your pool deck the fresh life it needs and deserves. If need be, we are even able to transform your current pool deck into something more modern and stylish, something you can be proud to spend time on with friends and family during the hot summer months.
    Pool Deck Repair
    No matter how well you care for your pool deck, there’s nothing you can do about the weather and the effects of changing temperatures and water on your concrete. After enough time, anything will require repairs, and the last thing you want to do is ignore hairline cracks and allow them to get worse with every season. We offer cost-effective pool deck repair in Riverside, and our experts are here awaiting the call to restore the integrity of your deck
    pool concrete deck
    Whatever you do, if cracks start appearing in your pool deck then don’t ignore them! Without swift pool deck crack repair, these cracks will only get worse. It’s possible for cracks to eventually cause more significant structural problems that come with hefty repair costs. Concrete pool deck repair in Riverside is as simple as a sawcutting and epoxy treatment. If the cracks are small enough, a simple acrylic pool deck coating or overlay can solve the issue and make your pool deck as good as new.
    pavers over concrete pool deck
    Pool deck pavers are a great material for your pool deck and look great with any style or aesthetic. If you’ve always loved the timeless style of pavers, we can make it a reality without tearing out your concrete pool deck. Pavers can be installed over your existing concrete deck to give it a high-end new look. We can install concrete pavers in any kind of simple patterns or intricate layouts you desire. The only limit truly is your imagination.
    stamped concrete pool deck
    Stamped concrete overlays are a fun and unique way to resurface an existing pool deck in Riverside. Stamped concrete comes at an affordable price, and you can get exactly the kind of look you’re after. We can even add a slip resistant coating, increasing the safety of your pool deck while keeping it stylish, or stain the stamped overlay to look like any kind of natural stone, brick, tile, wood, or anything you desire.
    concrete pool deck coatings
    Is your concrete deck in need of some extra flair? With Kool Deck coatings, we can transform that concrete deck into a piece of art. The Kool Deck coating process allows us to add color, textures, and patterns to any concrete surface, old or new. Kooldeck pool deck coatings are one of the most popular and affordable Riverside pool deck resurfacing options.
    concrete pool deck repair
    Pool Deck Resealing
    Maintaining regular sealing of your concrete pool deck is essential if you want to keep it standing up under years of foot traffic, sun, and rain. Wood and concrete pool decks can both benefit from sealing which helps reduce the amount of moisture the surface absorbs and reduces the risk of stains, cracks, and spalling. Our trained concrete pool deck contractors will apply a special protective sealer which, when it dries, will leave you with fantastic long-term protection, and a perfect clear finish.
    cool pool deck coating
    Acrylic concrete coatings are some of the most affordable and easily applied pool deck coatings available to the market. An acrylic coating offers great durability and longevity, as well as fantastic resistance to fading, whether that’s as a result of pool chemicals or UV sun exposure. Our expert acrylic coating contractors can apply an acrylic microtopping to any existing pool deck to spruce it up with with a vast range of brand-new textures and colours. The look of the acrylic coatings can even be customized with a huge range of effects and colors
    acrylic pool deck resurfacing
    Acrylic Pool Deck Repair
    No one can truly prevent the wear and tear brought on by time, the weather, and general use. Over time, acrylic coatings may start to crack and show signs of age, and if left alone, what may only be a hairline crack today will get worse, and grow into something much more substantive. Our trained acrylic pool deck repair experts in Riverside have all the tools and expertise necessary to fix any cracks, large or small, that may be starting to show in your acrylic pool deck coatings.
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    Why Choose Acrylic Pool Deck Coatings?

    Here’s why acrylic concrete coatings are a leading resurfacing option

    Besides offering great durability and longevity, acrylic coatings can also provide you with an attractive, cost-effective option for resurfacing a pool deck in Riverside after any repairs have been made. Repairs made to cracks in concrete may sometimes leave visible, unattractive evidence behind. Once repairs have been made to the concrete, we can apply an acrylic coating, or microtopping, to cover these repairs and mask any hairline cracks. This will leave your pool deck with a new, attractive appearance in a whole range of patterns, designs, and colors of your choosing.
    Another popular option is Cool Deck coatings. Originally only available under the Kool Deck brand, cool pool deck coatings go a long way toward reducing the heat of your painfully hot concrete deck in the summer months. These coatings reduce heat build up by around 40% and are made from a mix of marble and white cement, with a textured surface featuring dips and mesas that will prevent your feet from touching the full surface. This is how cool deck coatings prevent your feet from absorbing the majority of the heat. Cool deck coatings can be applied to either new or existing concrete. They can even be stamped into any stylish, attractive patterns you desire with a vast variety of color options available.
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    Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing in Riverside

    Why invest in resurfacing your pool deck?

    There are a vast benefits to consider when contemplating having your pool deck resurfaced.
    resurfacing concrete pool deck
    • Any cracks or damage that start to appear with age will be repaired, which, if left alone, would compromise the usability and appearance of your pool deck. Resurfacing can hide all previous repairs to your concrete pool deck surface.
    • A vast array of designs, colors, and patterns are available, giving a effective facelift to any old, worn out decking. You can finally get the poolscape of your dreams and within your budget.
    • When compared to redoing your entire pool deck, resurfacing offers a more affordable, simpler, and quicker solution, saving your valuable time and money.
    • Anti skid coatings are available, to preventing injuries related to slips, trips, and falls.
    • Pool deck resurfacing is eco-friendly. Instead of digging up the entirety of the old concrete, resurfacing removes a small layer from the top and installs a new coating or product of some type for a new surface with the same structure. This vastly reduces the amount of materials and waste that would come with starting fresh.
    • Resurfaced concrete is incredibly durable and can easily withstand most daily use. Your new concrete pool deck surface is just as durable or more so than your old surface.
    • Resurfacing your concrete is more affordable, and a lot easier than many realize. Because it requires significantly fewer materials and produces less waste than replacing the entirety of the concrete and starting over, the costs of material and labor can be cut in half. Also, due to the increased durability of resurfaced concrete, any costs related to maintenance are dramatically decreased.