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Let us update your
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Kool Deck Pool Deck Surface

How do I keep my pool deck Cool?

Has your pool deck become a place where your kids, friends, and family have to do the “tiptoe sprint” to save their feet? Our pool deck resurfacing can allow you to enjoy your pool deck again without worrying about burning the soles of your feet.
Our revolutionary resurfacing applied by our highly trained, experienced, and insured installers may be just the update that you need to extend the life of your pool deck and give you hours of poolside enjoyment. Cool deck adheres to your pool deck on a molecular level filling and sealing cracks while maintaining a cleaner and cooler look.

Benefits of Kool Deck Pool Deck

Update your space

Choose our Kool deck pool deck to resurface your pool deck area to update the look of your pool while also leaving you with a pool deck that is easy to clean and maintain and will keep you and your family cool and safe all year round.
cool deck for pools Riverside
Lower Surface Temperature
Kool Deck Pool Deck resurfacing offers a reduction in surface temperature to keep your pool deck cooler and maintain a pleasant temperature for your family and guests. Our Kool deck pool deck technology is used by amusement parks and other public areas to lower the surface temperature for large crowds. The same technology offers relief for your pool guests as well.
  • 20-40% surface temperature reduction
  • More comfortable
  • Cool to the touch
cool deck pool
Low Maintenance
Our Kool deck pool deck resurfacing is easy to clean and maintain and will save you time and energy in the long run.
  • Easy to clean
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Look new for years to come
  • Peace of mind
concrete pool decks
Kool Deck Pool Deck technology expands and contracts with your concrete to make your existing concrete more durable and resistant to cracks that need future repairs
  • Expands and contracts with your concrete
  • Resistant to cracks
  • Withstands thermal expansion
  • Resists staining
  • Resists damage from salt or other pool chemicals
pool cool deck
Updated Modern Designs
Any pattern or design that you desire can be created with Kool Deck Pool Deck and with our experienced professional installers, you will find the perfect new look for your pool deck.
  • Hides blemishes or imperfections in the concrete
  • Custom Patterns
  • High-End finishes
  • Natural look
  • Textured Surfaces
cool deck for pools 1
Slip Resistance
Kool Deck Pool Deck offers slip resistance to your resurfaced concrete adding to the safety and security of your pool deck.
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Textured
cool crete pool decking
Resists Mold and Mildew
Kool Deck Pool Deck resurfacing resists mold and mildew making your pool deck easier to clean and maintain while also keeping your pool deck safe and spotless.
  • Clean
  • Easy Maintenance
cool deck pool paint

Is Kool Deck Pool Deck right for me?

Let us help you decide

Deciding to invest in your pool deck can always feel daunting, especially when your pool feels like a never-ending project. Give our licensed and professional installers a call today to give you a free estimate and discover the potential that your pool deck holds. We are here to assist you in your decision to extend the life of your pool deck while keeping your family comfortable and safe.
  • Hassle-Free
  • Friendly representatives
  • No obligation
  • Free estimates
  • Free advice and consultation
Pool Deck
Riverside, California
Our team has decades of experience to bring to your project and meet whatever needs you may have. We want to help you remove any stress that you may have in choosing your new pool deck.


Enhance your existing structure

cool pool deck
When you choose Kool Deck pool deck you are choosing a surface that adds strength to your existing concrete. The new surface is almost twice as durable as the base structure. There truly is no way to the fake cool deck either, do not let amateurs, and other pool deck companies fool you into a coating that may appear to be cool deck but isn’t! The pool deck is not glossy, it creates a natural protective barrier for your pool deck concrete and is extremely long-lasting. Call us today for more information on how a cool deck pool deck is right for you!

How does it keep it clean?

Quick and Easy Cleaning

cool decking around pool
Because Kool Deck is resistant to stains and mold or mildew, you will find the pool deck easy to clean. A simple solution of natural soap and water can be the easiest way to clean your pool deck. When a deeper cleaning is necessary, it is safe to pressure wash your sealed pool deck with no harsh chemicals. There are simple solutions to cleaning a pool deck:
  • Simply sweep off extra debris, sediment, or dirt that naturally makes its way onto any pool deck surface
  • Power wash the surface when necessary
  • Use the proper cleaners to remove pesky residue
Affordable, Durable, Professional, Safe
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