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Pool Deck Coatings

Transform your pool deck

Have you noticed cracking or stained spots on your pool deck? Is the surface of your pool deck causing you and your family to do the tiptoe sprint to the water? Does your pool deck seem more difficult to get clean that ever? It may be time to replace your pool deck, or it may be time to save time, money, and effort and give our qualified experts a call to upgrade your deck with a variety of our pool deck coating techniques.

What can a pool deck coating do for you?

Allow us to create your new personal oasis

Deciding on a pool deck coating options can feel like a daunting task with so many choices to decipher among, but we can help you navigate the troublesome waters of pool deck coatings with our friendly and knowledgeable professionals. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of pool deck coatings.
concrete coatings for pool decks
Slip Resistant
Our pool deck coatings offer the peace of mind of being slip-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about your friends and loved ones (or even that pesky neighbor) slipping on your pool deck any longer. Pool decks can be a dangerous place and become slippery when wet. With our pool deck coatings, you can be assured that your deck will be resistant to slips and falls.
concrete pool deck coatings
Surface temperature as your pool deck heats up from the rays of the hot sun and uneven or rough surfaces can cause even the toughest of feet to be uncomfortable. With Pool Deck Riverside’s pool deck coatings, you can keep those piggies as soft as a baby’s bottom.
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Beautiful Finishes
Style, color, and design are often the first things that a homeowner thinks about when it comes to any pool deck decision. From coating to resurfacing to repair and replacement, our experienced professionals are ready to assist you on your journey to a new backyard oasis and to meet any design wishes you many have.
pool deck resurfacing Riverside
Pool Deck Riverside has a variety of pool deck coatings that will increase your pool deck’s strength and durability. Our coatings make the surface of your pool deck stronger while also making your pool deck resistant to stains, cracks, and spills. Our pool decks are exposed to the elements as well as pool chemicals and other spills. We want to help you maintain a beautiful pool deck with our pool deck coatings.
pool deck repair
Save money by choosing to coat your pool deck instead of completely replacing it. By choosing one of our coating options, you can save from one third to one half of the cost of a full pool deck replacement.
pool deck repair Riverside
Not only do we have an array of choices with which to coat your pool deck, but within those pool deck coatings, you will find an endless number of design options to meet your dreams and desires.
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Is it time for my pool deck to be coated?

What are the signs?

When your pool deck has excessive cracking as well as stains and mildew, it is easy to know that it is time to make some upgrades. Sometimes it is just color fading or noticing that your pool deck has become more difficult to clean.
Chipping paint and or algae or mold growth are also obvious signs that it is time to give our experts a call.
Pool Deck Riverside
Riverside, California
We offer combined decades of experience and are here to assist you from the planning stages to the final reveal of your updated backyard oasis.

Design to Reality

Cool Deck Pool Deck

pool deck resurfacing options
Our Cool Deck Pool Deck coating not only reduces the surface temperature of your pool deck from 30-40% but also adds a professional designer finish to your pool deck, bringing it back to life and making it feel brand new.

Acrylic Pool Deck

Long-lasting and durable pool deck

resurface pool deck
Our Acrylic Pool Deck coating is fashioned with a solvent-based sealant that adheres to your existing concrete. It’s custom texture allows for an endless number of design options and is one of the quickest to install. This means that your pool is out of commission for the least amount possible so that you and your family can get back to your pool as soon as possible.
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