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Pool Deck Resurfacing

A Backyard Oasis Without Breaking The Bank

Is your pool deck the missing link to the backyard of your dreams? We have a solution for you that doesn’t require you removing and replacing your concrete pool deck, even if it is damaged. This process is known as pool deck resurfacing and we offer hundreds and thousands of different configurations with our high-grade materials that will put you in the driver seat in terms of customization.
Want to know about the materials we offer and how they can upgrade your pool decking? We have all the information about this process down below.

Finishes We Offer For Pool Deck Resurfacing

Unlimited Configurations

When it comes to your pool deck, you don’t want any shortage of options when it comes to the coatings that can be used. That is why our team of pool decking contractors provides only the latest and greatest concrete coatings for your pool deck. Down below, you will find exactly how we give you the ability to customize your pool decking.
Stamped concrete Pool deck
Stamped Concrete
  • Stamped concrete overlays are one of the top materials used in pool deck resurfacing for their protection and overall aesthetic
  • Stamped concrete is a thick material, so your underlying concrete will be protected from heavy foot traffic, dropped objects and the harsh chemicals found in pools
  • We can use our custom stamps to create finishes ranging from slate all the way to custom paver patterns with the strength of concrete
pavers over concrete pool deck
Pool Deck Pavers
  • Pavers are an excellent choice to resurface your pool decking as they are an affordable option and can protect and hide the repairs that have been made to your pool decking
  • There are dozens of types of pavers that can be implemented on your pool deck like stone, brick and even cement
  • Pool deck pavers are also easy to clean as they can simply be hosed off when soiled
concrete pool deck
  • Kooldek has been providing reliable and award-winning materials for pool decking since their creation in the early 1970s
  • While Kooldek was the first company to use the popular knockdown finish, they offer stains, overlays, and stamps of the same quality
  • Our team of pool decking contractors are trained and have experience installing all of Kooldeks revolutionary materials so you can have peace of mind knowing it was installed right
decorative concrete overlay
Artistic Overlays
  • Artistic overlays may not provide the same level of customization as a stamped concrete pool deck, but they are much more affordable
  • The artistic overlay can be used to craft finishes such as marbling all the way to burnishing with trowels and our huge selection of color pigments
  • While not as thick as the stamped concrete pool deck, artistic overlays still offer protection against physical and chemical damage.
Pool Deck Resurfacing Riverside
Sometimes the only type of resurfacing that your concrete pool deck will need is a simple process of repainting or resealing depending on the material that is on your pool deck. A faded coating can make your pool deck look worse for wear but once the new paint or sealer is applied, you will see a massive improvement in aesthetics and even the comfort and safety of your pool deck.
Wood Stamped Concrete
Wood Stamped Concrete
  • Wood stamped concrete is the next big step in hardwood as not only is it much more durable than wood, it has much less of an environmental impact as well
  • Rustic wood flooring also doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as a wood pool deck as there are no varnishes, sanding or refinishing only after 5-6 years
  • Wood stamped concrete looks just like hardwood as our stamps are crafted from real wood
pool deck repair

How Pool Deck Resurfacing Saves Money

No Need To Break The Bank

One of the biggest benefits of pool deck resurfacing over other traditional repairs and replacement processes is how much money our service is able to save you. When compared to tearing out and replacing your concrete pool deck, you will find that our pool deck resurfacing process won’t only save you weeks of time but also thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars!
While the upfront costs of pool deck resurfacing are much lower than replacing your concrete, so are the costs of the service down the line. All of the concrete coatings that we offer provide easy maintenance and have the ability to last you and your family decades of uninterrupted use. Not to mention, pool deck resurfacing can drastically increase the value of your home when professionally performed.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Riverside, California
Ready to turn your old and ugly concrete pool deck into the pool decking of your dreams? We are too! Give us a call today and we will give you a professional quote for absolutely free!

How Resurfacing Your Deck Increases Safety

A Fresh Start

pool deck repair Riverside
One of the biggest reasons why many homeowners use pool deck resurfacing is to make sure that they and their families are safe during times of heavy use. A concrete pool decks safety features can dramatically decline as they get older and damaged. Here are only a few of the safety features that your deck stands to gain after being resurfaced:
  • A freshly resurfaced pool deck can make your deck much more slip and skid resistant no matter which route you decide to take. Whether your coating needs paint or a sealer, you will have peace of mind knowing your deck isn’t slippery
  • Studies show that a fresh coating on the pool deck can actually render your decking a whole 30 degrees cooler than an old and faded coating!
  • For more safe and protective pool deck coatings, check out our homepage

Why Resurface Your Pool Deck

More Than Meets The Eye

concrete pool deck 1
One of the biggest questions we get is, “Why should I resurface my pool deck?”. Pool deck resurfacing is a procedure that is full of lovely benefits that won’t only improve your concrete, it will make your concrete better than it ever was with benefits like:
  • A resurfaced pool deck can last decades longer than concrete that is left damaged as water can seep into cracks and cause major structural damage
  • We offer dozens of concrete coatings to completely customize your concrete including all of the wonderful coatings you saw above. For a full list of our coatings give us a call
  • Your concrete will also be much safer when resurfaced, especially when using a stamped concrete with benefits like slip/skid resistance and easier to spot tripping hazards
Affordable, Reliable And Professional
Pool Deck Resurfacing Riverside, California