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Pool Deck Pavers

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Is your concrete pool deck lacking something you just can’t put your finger on? Didn’t have the chance to implement your own flair on your pool deck because the decking was already finished when you bought your home? Well, if you are looking for an elegant and easy to maintain pool decking, you should consider using pool deck pavers! With pool deck pavers, you have unlimited configurations and styles at your disposal.
Want to learn more about our pool deck pavers? We have all you need to know down below.

Why You Should Use Pool Deck Pavers

Much More Than Meets The Eye

Pool deck pavers offer so much more than their amazing visuals. Pool deck pavers actually offer more benefits than most standardized pool decking systems and if you want to learn more about the benefits of pavers, you will find what you need to know down below.
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Carefree Maintenance
One of the biggest advantages of using a paver pool deck is the carefree maintenance that comes along with the decking so here’s what it takes:
  • There are no waxes or polishes or even required sealers in the maintenance procedure
  • All you need to do is sweep the pavers off or even use a blower to remove debris
  • Pressure washing may need to be done when heavily soiled
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Easy Repairs
While pool deck pavers are extremely durable and hard to damage when they age they can become damaged due to constant exposure to water and other benefactors. But, when the paver does become damaged, the repair is a very simple process that you won’t even need to call a contractor for! All you need to do is simply pull out the damaged paver and slide a new one in its place.
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Superior Durability
Pavers are one of the strongest materials on the market no matter what type of paver you use and down below, you will find a few of their resistances:
  • Pavers over concrete pool deck are resistant to heavy foot traffic, dropped objects and even the harsh chemicals in your pool
  • When sealed, it is incredibly hard to even scratch the surface of a paver
  • Pavers will never degrade from exposure to UV rays
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Increased Safety
Pavers over concrete pool deck can even improve the safety of your deck and down below you will find out how:
  • The natural texture of the paver provides excellent traction even when the decking is wet
  • Not enough traction? When sealed we offer an additive of silica sand to give the pavers more texture
  • Pavers can even make your decking up to 15 degrees cooler than concrete
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Increase In Value
Pavers are also the perfect way to protect and even further the investment that you have made into your home. This is because a set of brand new pavers can actually drastically increase the value of your home. Not to mention, the use of pavers can keep you underlying concrete slab safe from all of the harsh circumstances of exterior use, helping it last much longer.
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Rapid Installation
Pavers also have the ability to be quickly installed and here is what that means for your pool deck:
  • Some pavers don’t require mortar when being installed over concrete, all they need is bedding sand that is slopped to allow drainage which means that there are no dry times for pavers
  • This means that there will be a minimum delay on using your pool deck as the project can be done in 3-5 days
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Choosing Your Pavers

Something For Everyone

Made of clay to produce a custom finish that is very durable and even resistant to fading; color can last much longer when sealed. These pavers are also offered in a wide variety of colored and textures to ensure that our clients can find something that is appealing to them
Stone has the biggest price tag between the types of pool deck pavers as natural materials are harder and more expensive to obtain in general. Natural stone pavers are not recommended for high traffic decking as they can crack under pressure
Cement pavers are by far the strongest paver as they are molded and made with concrete with aggregate additives. Just like bricks, there are a wide selection of colors and textures readily available for use
Pool Deck Pavers
Riverside, California
We are a dedicated pool decking company in Riverside and are ready to get started on your project ASAP. Ready to make the switch to pavers? give us a call today for a free quote!

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pavers Are A Great Choice!

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Pavers are not a one-trick material, they can not only be placed on new concrete, but they can also be placed on old and damaged concrete; after repairs, as well! That is why homeowners across the country are beginning to use pavers to resurface their pool decking.
This is because pavers offer natural resistance to the harsh UV rays from the sun and when sealed, they offer much more protection against the harsh chemicals found and used in most pools. Pavers can even be paired with saltwater pools as when they are sealed, not even salt can stick to their durable surface.

You Can Trust Us!

Riversides Top Pool Deck Contractors

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We didn’t become one of the top pool deck pavers contractors in Riverside for no reason, we got where we are today by giving only the best value and the highest quality materials to our neighbors in Riverside. When you give us the keys to your project, we promise to give you and your family peace of mind.
We promise to only use high-grade materials for your decking, you will never find us at the local hardware store buying your pavers. We promise to never rush the installation process of your pavers and always ensure that drainage and water flow are optimal before finishing your project. Call us today for a free quote!
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