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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Create Memories

Your backyard area should be the place where you should be creating happy memories with your friends, family, and neighbors. If your pool deck needs some help, don’t wait, just call us for the answers you’re looking for!
We offer:
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Types & Benifits of Pool Deck Repair

Rejuvenate your pool deck

Pool deck repairs are important steps that should be taken anytime your concrete pool deck show signs of wear. So, what are the benefits of staying up to date with your concrete pool deck?
Stamped concrete Pool deck
Pool Deck Coating Repair
When your pool deck coating is getting old or worn down on some spots several issues can begin to arise. Slipping and hot surfaces can be one cause of an old pool deck coating, so call us to have it reapplied and repair any spots on your concrete that may be showing signs of wear.
pavers over concrete pool deck
Crack Repair
Cracks left to their own devices can become extremely expensive issues in the long run. When you leave a crack simply because it doesn’t look too bad you run the risk of having structural issues caused by worsening cracks, mold growing, and natural elements breaking down the concrete quicker. Crack repair is important, so don’t wait.
concrete pool deck
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Sometimes our pool decks are simply worn down and they need an update, well what better way to update your concrete then resurfacing it! Pool decks are under constant exposure to the sun, debris, pool chemicals, and more, so resurfacing the deck once the time comes is the most affordable and the quickest option.
decorative concrete overlay
Kool Deck Repair
The best thing about Kool Deck Coatings is that the coating is very distinct, and any professional will be able to tell the difference between this coating and one claiming to be Kool Deck. Kool Deck is known for creating a cool and comfortable deck regardless of how long the sun has been beating down on your concrete surface. Kool Deck presents a natural look and does not shine more than necessary, if your feet are burning up, call us now!
Pool Deck Resurfacing Riverside
Acrylic Pool Deck Repair
A highly used pool deck needs a special type of coat to protect the concrete underneath. Acrylic pool deck coatings are extremely cool to the touch and create an easily maintainable non-slip surface. If your acrylic pool deck is starting to grow mold or the color of the previous coating is fading, it is time to have the acrylic pool deck repaired.
Wood Stamped Concrete
Pool Deck Paver Repair
Pavers are used when the pool deck owner is searching for a much more affordable way to have a different material for a pool deck other than concrete. Luckily for pool deck paver owners, these additions can mimic brick, tile, and stone and are also extremely convenient to repair. The entire deck does not have to go out of commission, the section that is damaged can easily be repaired and the pool day can go on. If left alone, the paver will become a tripping hazard and can damage the surrounding pavers.
pool deck repair

when Is It Time For Pool Deck Repairs?

Repair your pool deck concrete

The best part about concrete, it doesn’t leave you guessing, when something is wrong everyone will know it! Pool deck concrete begins showing signs of wear and tear before desperately needing to repair it. If you pay attention to the signs concrete is giving you then you will have affordable repairs but if you ignore them until they become worse, repairs will be expensive.
Tell all signs that it is time to repair your pool deck concrete include:
  • Visible breakdown, meaning, if you’re seeing signs of chips, cracks, dulling, discoloration, or sitting water those are all signs that there is an issue.
  • Rough spots are not normal. When you’re walking on your pool deck and suddenly run into a rough spot under your feet, it is time to think about a coating repair or a resurfacing project.
  • Slip-resistance should never be compromised. If there are parts on your concrete that were never slippery before, but you find that slipping accidents have become more frequent, don’t wait for a serious injury, repair the concrete pool deck coating or have it completely resurfaced.
Pool Deck Repairs
Riverside, California
Pool deck repairs are affordable if you catch the problem when it happens. Don’t wait, call the professionals right now for a free quote!

Do you need a repair?

Waiting is a bad idea

pool deck repair Riverside
Sometimes the issue simply doesn’t look that bad and waiting is a better option. Well, when you wait instead of facing the problem head-on these are the issues that will arise:
  • Cracks spread and expand causing extremely expensive structural issues.
  • Cracks allow weeds to grow up and through onto the rest of your concrete pool deck.
  • Chipping, spalling, or peeling coatings or sealants become very hazardous for people using your pool.
  • Coatings or sealants that have worn down leave concrete exposed to weather, chemicals, and sediment.

Why call the professionals?

Do not DIY

concrete pool deck 1
Your pool deck should not be an experiment or a bonding moment between friends. Your pool deck is an important part of your backyard landscape. When a coating, a resurfacing job, or sealant is poorly installed the damages can be irreversible. Don’t allow your pool deck and your wallet to suffer because trust us, it’s more affordable to call us first instead of second.
For More information about pool deck resurfacing or replacement check out the homepage.
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