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Concrete Resurfacing

The Budget-Friendly Option

Has your concrete been through better days as cracks, gouges and stains have taken over its surface? Tired of unqualified contractors telling you that you need to replace your concrete? Well, what if we told you that there was a way to bring your concrete back to its former glory or even better without having to replace your concrete. How? With the process of concrete resurfacing of coarse!
Our concrete resurfacing service can save you thousands of dollars and if you want to find out more about it, we have all you need to know down below.

How We Can Resurface Concrete

Endless Possibilities

When it comes to how you are able to resurface your concrete, there is much more that we offer than bland overlays. We only provide the best concrete coating systems on the market and down below, you will find exactly what our team of contractors can bring to your home or business.
Metallic Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy
  • Metallic epoxy flooring can be customized with colored pigments and solvents to provide finishes that look like clouds, waves, and even lava
  • Metallic epoxy is also a clean flooring system and is even approved for use in restaurants, food processing plants and medical facility by the USDA
  • Metallic epoxies can even be used anywhere thanks to the 100 percent solid epoxy base; the same base as industrial epoxy.
Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete
  • Stamped concrete offers levels of customization ranging from both natural to man-made with finishes like slate, intricate paver patterns, and even cobblestone
  • Stamped concrete is also affordable as the base price begins at 8 dollars a square foot for basic finishes up to 20 dollars for more advanced finishes
  • Stamped concrete overlays also give your concrete a safety net against dropped objects all the way to heavy foot traffic.
Concrete pool deck
  • Pavers are most commonly used on pool decks and driveways but there are few limits to where pavers can be used
  • Pavers are popular for their incredible durability but in the off chance a paver becomes damaged, replacement is as easy as placing a new paver in the damaged pavers place
  • Pavers are easily maintained as well as they can simply be hosed off when soiled
Artistic Overlays
Artistic Overlays
  • While the finishes of artistic overlays arent 3D like stamped concrete, you are able to achieve beautiful finishes none the less like marbling all the way to a burnished leather look
  • Artistic overlays can even be complemented with a wide selection of colored pigments to make your overlay one of a kind
  • While not as thick as stamped concrete, artistic overlays are still able to be used in mid to high traffic areas
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage Floor Epoxy
  • Garage floor epoxy is by far one of the most popular garage floor coatings on the market as it has the ability to resist stains and harsh chemicals
  • Garage floor epoxy can also turn your damaged and drab garage into a warm and welcoming environment that will be the envy of the neighborhood
  • Garage epoxy can even last 20-30 years when professionally installed!
Wood Stamped Concrete
Basic Skim Coat
  • The basic skim coat is a budget-friendly option that can drastically improve the overall aesthetic of your garage and performance
  • The skim coat fills all cracks and gouges in the concrete to provide a smooth, seamless surface; expansion joints may still be needed
  • With the skim coat, you can have the uniform appearance of traditional concrete that can be paired with a sealer for maximum protection
Garage Floor Epoxy 1

Rustic Wood Flooring

Timeless Wood Concrete Flooring

Do you love the appearance of traditional hardwood flooring but are restricted from using it in the setting you desire? Well, with one of our rustic wood flooring systems, you can have the timeless and elegant appearance of wood anywhere you want, interior or even exterior! Our wood stamped concrete outperforms wood flooring in every category from damage resistance all the way to maintenance.
Our wood stamped concrete overlay is extremely thick so your concrete will be protected from nearly all forms of physical damage presented to the flooring. By far the biggest advantage of rustic wood flooring is the easy maintenance as there are no varnishes, sanding or refinishing every 5-7 years, all you need to worry about with rustic wood flooring is mopping, sweeping and the replacement of its sealer ever 5-7 years which only take 4 hours.
Concrete Resurfacing
Riverside, California
Ready to upgrade your old and damaged concrete into a flooring system you can be proud of? Our team is standing by to get the ball rolling on your project ASAP and will even give you a free quote!

Why Resurface Your Concrete?

Starting From Square One

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One of the biggest questions we get is why should I resurface my concrete? Concrete resurfacing is a procedure that is full of lovely benefits that won’t only improve your concrete, it will make your concrete better than it ever was with benefits like:
  • Resurfaced concrete can last decades longer than concrete that is left damaged as water can seep into cracks and cause major structural damage
  • We offer dozens of concrete coatings to completely customize your concrete no matter where it is. We service residential, commercial and even industrial facilities
  • Your concrete will also be much safer when resurfaced, especially when using an epoxy floor coating with benefits like slip/skid resistance and even the ability to make any setting it is placed in brighter
  • For more about all of the flooring services we offer, check out the homepage

Can Your Concrete Be Saved?

How To Tell If Its Too Late

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Another common question we get is, “How do I know if my concrete is qualified for concrete resurfacing?”. Thankfully the signs of your concrete being salvageable or if your concrete needs to be replaced are fairly simple to spot, for example:
  • Major cracks mean that there are serious underlying problems and a quick inspection from our contractors will point you in the right direction
  • If your concrete has begun to sink, slab jacking may be a solution but just like major cracks, an inspection will need to be performed
  • We can, however, repair minor to major cracks, gouges, and stains with our concrete resurfacing.
  • The only way to be sure of what you need is to give us a call today for a free quote!
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